After Prom Grand Finale
Volunteers are needed Sunday 6/02/19 from 2:00-4:30!

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What Happens at After Prom Grand Finale


Beginning at 3:00pm, Qualifiers will register by school and pick up their $20 gift card. To cut down on crowding, parents will not be allowed onto the arena floor with their Qualifier.


We have security measures in place to ensure only the Qualifiers whose names are submitted by their schools are allowed to participate.


You will place your name into a drawing for the car…


… then complete a short survey.


You will turn in your completed survey to pick up your t-shirt, which you must wear during the event.


After Registration, Zack Jackson and Freddy Mac from K92 will draw 25 names. When each name is called, that person will come forward and choose a small envelope, numbered 1-25.


In each envelope is a key, but 3 of those keys fit the padlock on a clear box on the stage. Inside that clear box are 3 car keys.


If your key unlocks that clear box, you get to choose a car key and are a Finalist for the Grand Prize car. This continues until all 3 Finalists have car keys.


At this point, the Finalists will try their key to see who wins the car!


The two 2nd Place winners will receive a MacBook.


The winner will be celebrated!!!! (And pose for many photos.)